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DLSU Business & Economics Review

The DLSU Business & Economics Review (B&E Review) publishes high quality theoretical, empirical, and methodological research in the fields of Accounting, Business Management, Commercial Law, Economics, Finance, and Marketing. The B&E Review aims to reach an audience in these six fields and is published twice a year.

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Vol 25, No 2 (2016): DLSU Business & Economics Review

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From the Editor

From the Editors PDF
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Macroprudential Regulation in a DSGE Model of the Philippines with Financial-Real Linkages PDF
Jesson A. Pagaduan, Ruperto P. Majuca
Banking Competition and Stability: Evidence from Inter-Continental Markets PDF
Abdul Rafay, Usman Javed Gilani
Day-of-the-Week Effects in the Philippine Stock Exchange: Do They Exist Amid Modernization? PDF
Cesar C. Rufino, Neriza M. Delfino
Audited Quarterly Accounts and Earnings Response Coefficients PDF
Mazrah Malek, Saidatunur Fauzi Saidin, Mohammad Noor Hisham Osman
Entrepreneurial Motivation and Business Performance of SMEs in the SUCI Clothing Center, Bandung, Indonesia PDF
Senen Machmud, Iwan Sidharta
Market Sensing Capability and SMEs Performance: The Mediating Role of Product Innovativeness Success PDF
Elia Ardyan
Cultivating Evidence-Based Entrepreneurship Education (EBEE): A Review on Synchronization Process behind Entrepreneurial Spirit PDF
Rajib Roy, Niladri Das
Principal-Agent Compensation Practices in a Stakeholder-Oriented Smokey Mountain Cooperative PDF
Paz Esperanza T. Poblador
Affective Responses in the Purchase of Consumer Eco Products PDF
Alma Maria Jennifer A. Gutierrez, Rosemary R. Seva
Toward a Model of Traditional Retailers and Sellers Empowerment in Improving Competitiveness Against Modern Markets in Banyumas Region, Indonesia PDF
Eko Suyono, Omar Al Farooque, Riswan Riswan
A DEA-based Performance Measurement Mathematical Model and Software Application System Applied to Public Hospitals in the Philippines PDF
Richard C. Li, Jazmin C. Tangsoc, Solomon L. See, Victor John M. Cantor, Martha Lauren L. Tan, Rachelle Joy S. Yu

The Contributors

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