HomeResearch Journal College of Engineering JBLFMU-Molovol. 3 no. 1 (2010)

Stakeholders ’ Satisfaction of Marine Enginering Graduates at Maritime University , Philipines

Rolando A. Alimen | Victor B. Jaleco



The road to an institution’s establishing a prestige of its own in the educational realm is long and difficult. If the John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University wishes to establish a niche of leadership in the maritime world of learning, the University needs to utilize its physical, human, and financial resources in a manner which addresses the needs of the future. A lot of benchmarking policies must be instituted to provide the necessary impetus to guide its direction towards achieving its educational vision and mission. Globalization as well as the knowledge economy has posed a new challenge for the University not only to provide findings which can enhance the nation’s progress, but also to produce graduates who are relevant, flexible, efficient and dynamic, competent and of integrity and values. Moreover, the industry and knowledge-driven economy demand for workers with knowledge that can be available only through lifelong learning. Hence, JBLFMU commits itself to developing the potential of human resources to its maximum.