HomeDLSU Business & Economics Reviewvol. 4 no. 2 (1991)

A Correlation Analysis Between Economic and Non economic Factors and the Incidence of the Top Ten Leading Causes of Morbidity Across Regions in the Philippines from 1985 to 1988

Josephine G. Biao | Lowela Paculba | Cristina Teh

Discipline: Health, Business and Economics



Health plays a vital role in the development and change of every nation. Recent health indicator estimate suggest a slowing down of health status improvement in the country. Infectious and communicable diseases continue to be the leading causes of death for all ages. Philippine health problems have much in common with other developing countries. However, statistical data show that even within the archipelago, there have been inconsistencies or variations in the morbidity of the population attributable to different causes. Socioeconomic and environmental conditions across regions vary greatly, accounting for the differentials in the occurrence of the top ten killer diseases across regions. This paper tries to show the strength of the relationships between the incidence of the top ten killer diseases in the Philippines across regions and the corresponding explanatory variables linked to them.