HomeAsia Pacific Journal of Education, Arts and Sciencesvol. 1 no. 1 (2014)

Maritime Students’ Satisfaction on the Services Rendered by the Canteen

Danrev John R. Labay | Emmanuel Raymond D. Macuha | Henri Alexis O. Mondragon | Arvin Klein E. Sarmiento | Mark Renz B. Veron | Luisito Salazar | Beverly T. Caiga



This research work was pursued to gain insights on the level of satisfaction of students in the Lyceum International Maritime Academy (LIMA) Campus on the services rendered by its Canteen. This study would determine the level of satisfaction of the LIMA students on the current services that are rendered by the LIMA canteen and also propose problems for the problems that are cited. This study utilized a descriptive research method with (240) Maritime students that were chosen on the basis of random sampling. Results showed that the respondents of the study are satisfied. The LIMA students agreed that the canteen to the problems like lack of space, chairs and tables, and poor ventilation.  The respondents are also aware that the LIMA Canteen also has problems that are needed to be improved. Since the study’s objective is to propose some plans of actions on the following problems, we would be able to suggest solutions to these problems involving the persons involved. So far, the LIMA Canteen is accomplishing its vision and mission to further satisfy the needs of their customers.