HomeAsia Pacific Journal of Education, Arts and Sciencesvol. 1 no. 1 (2014)

Maritime Student Satisfaction on the Instructional Materials Utilized in one Asian Maritime Academy

Dominic Lance A. Magtibay | Rommar V. Lanto | Agriel Joseph E. Magnaye | John Carlo M. Castillo | Julio Virgilio M. Baoy | Beverly T. Caiga



This study primarily aimed to investigate the level of satisfaction on different instructional materials offered to maritime students of LIMA in relation to content, equity and accessibility, assessment, organization and presentation, and instructional design and support. This research was also pursued to identify the instructional materials frequently utilized by the students of LIMA and the problems encountered in the use of such materials. Descriptive type of research was utilized in the study. The respondents of the study were two hundred-forty (240) students that were chosen on the basis of random sampling, where samples were taken proportionally with the total number of population in different programs of LIMA. The results showed that most of the instructional materials in LIMA were able to utilize, though some students were not mindful of the available aids so they are not able to maximize the function of it. Awareness of the materials available can enhance one’s memory, focus and concentration, writing skills, and analytical thinking abilities. The study yielded that most of the respondents were satisfied with the instructional materials in relation to various criteria. The respondents believed that conditions and quality of instructional materials were not optimal of its price and instructional aids were late in late in the field of technology and advancement. The demand of maritime students to have a competitive edge on the instructional aids includes the all materials offered by an educational institution wherein these should meet the satisfaction of these students in all key areas and problems; otherwise such institution has to take appropriate action and measure to improve its services