HomeAsia Pacific Journal of Maritime Educationvol. 1 no. 1 (2015)

Awareness of Maritime Students on the Sotero H. Laurel Learning Resource Center (SLRC) Club

Shane S. Dalawangbayan | Mark Jhun M. De Chavez | John Paulo C. Dimaculangan | Jimboy M. Hernandez | Beverly T. Caiga



This research work was pursued to gain insights on the level of awareness of maritime students regarding SLRC Club. This study could be a help to distinguish if maritime students are aware on the newly organization and measure the level of agreement towards the set guidelines of SLRC Club. This study utilized a descriptive research method with (240) Maritime students that were chosen on the basis of random sampling. Results showed that the respondents of the study are aware that SLRC Club aims to learn more about the library. Reading books, searching the Internet, and other materials inside the library is an aid to the students to improve their performance and communication skills inside the classroom.  The respondents are also aware that the club encourages maritime students to utilize their free time in the library to learn and SLRC club strengthen the interest of the students in reading with accordance to its general objective which is to strengthen the interest of the students in reading, viewing, and evaluating information to become lifelong learners.