HomeThe Confluencevol. 7 no. 2 (2016)

PRACTICE TEACHING: Revisiting Student Teachers’ Performances

Maricar Flores

Discipline: Education



This study aimed to determine, through a revisit, the level of competency of the thirty (30) student teachers on their teaching Peformances, social relationship with their cooperating teachers and students/pupils as well as the problems they encountered during the whole experiential learning course. Numerical data were analyzed through weighted means, T-tests and percentages. Findings revealed that on the level of performance, the student teachers as rated by their cooperating teachers, were rated by their cooperating teachers, were rated excellently in the area of professionalism, however, the lowest in rank was the area of art of questioning. In addition, they were rated very satisfactory on the level of social relationship with their cooperating teachers and students/pupils. Regarding the problems encountered, the problem of not giving feedback after the student teacher taught by the cooperating teachers ranked highest as a problem then followed by the giving of negative comments of the cooperating teacher about the student teacher to people not concerned and not closely monitoring and supervising them. As a result, seminars and trainings for the student teachers on the Art of Questioning as well as the continuous integration of values and other personal and professional traits of a good teacher in all subjects were recommended. Moreover, the regular re-orientation on the expected duties and responsibilities of the basic education teachers were also suggested.