HomeSMCC Higher Education Research Journalvol. 1 no. 1 (2015)

Hybrid Encryption Algorithm Implementation on Electronic Mail Service

Criseldo C. Calinawan

Discipline: Computer Science



The study focuses on two main objectives, to develop a Hybrid Encryption Algorithm and design a Pretty Good Privacy using the developed hybrid encryption algorithm. Te researcher developed hybrid encryption algorithm composed of two known and effective encryption algorithms namely the RSA and Solitaire Encryption Algorithms. Te goal is to enhance its security vulnerability against any unexpected attacks, reliability and speed of execution. Utilizing a Bluff key generation where it hides the session key used to generate the keystream, Eventually decreased the vulnerability of the algorithm from hackers or cyber attackers. The developed algorithm will then be integrated on an existing open source email client. As a result, the system, as expected, will provide a new breed of Pretty Good Privacy system. Te sender will be able to send and receive encrypted email in text format messages over the internet. Te system is designed to be more robust and flexible compared to other existing email clients with PGP feature. Tat even a non-PGP email services online will be able to decrypt the email messages in a user-friendly interface. An RSA key management protocol is utilized to decipher the message confidentially using a private key that is available for download online. Te proponent utilized the existing open source Roundcube Webmail client. Te result showed that the algorithm executes faster compared to the existing RSA algorithm at an average time difference of 0.11 seconds using similar hardware specifications and software requirements. Te developed PGP System has a particular limit on formatted and plaintext encryption/decryption processes where it does not support Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) handling.