HomeBinhi: Letran-Calamba Student Research Journalvol. 11 no. 1 (2014)

Whiteboard: A Virtual Learning Environment For The School Of Computer Studies and Echnology of Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba

Joel T. Ramos | Emmanuel P. Arellano | Carl Michael B. Villasor

Discipline: Technology



Using the concept of e-learning, this study principally aimed to develop a virtual learning environment which is exclusive for the School of Computer Studies and Technology. The researchers used Iterative Waterfall model as their software methodology for the development of the system which would serve as a virtual classroom wherein the instructors can host different class activities with the students through online. Its main features are online quizzes and exercises, online announcements, group discussions, online private messaging, one on one chat, uploading and downloading of handouts and online viewing of grades. Under the administrator's module are the user account registration, creating and assigning of sections and classes and resetting of database. Also integrated in the system is text notification provided by Globe Telecom for online announcements.

Using simple random sampling technique, the proponents evaluated the system through survey that employed a six-point Likert Scale questionnaire for the randomly selected laboratory classes in the SCST department.

Via mean analysis, the researchers had determined the average ratings of the respondents for all the criteria specified. Findings showed that the system satisfied the test and evaluation of the respondents based on convenience, user friendliness, security, performance and completeness.

Based on the results of the test and evaluation, the system's enhancements and modification through application of video conferencing and improvement of the security of the online quizzes were recommended