HomeUIC Research Journalvol. 17 no. 2 (2011)

Correlates of Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Examination: An Analysis of Five Year Performance

Emma V. Sagarino | Deogracia B. Corpuz

Discipline: Education



With the goal of developing an intervention program to further improve the performance of the UIC accountancy graduates in the CPA board examination, the researchers were motivated to conduct this particular investigation which examined the performance of the accountancy program in the areas of academic performance (average grade), retention rates, mock board and CPA board examination ratings covering the five Academic Years 2005-2006 to 2009-2010. Using Pearson r correlation coefficient it established the relationship between each of the academic performance and mock board to the board examination. Interviews with selected UIC accountancy graduates who are now CPAs determined the facilitating and hindering factors in passing the board examination. The UIC accountancy graduates showed improvement in their academic performance over the years. Yet in terms of mock board examination, the earlier graduates (2006 to 2009) performed better as compared to those who graduated in 2010. UIC board examination passing rates marked an upward trend in the last three years (2008 to 2010). Statistical analysis indicates that only academic performance has a moderately positive relationship with the board examination. Facilitating factors include intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, support and encouragement of family members and mentors, and the academic and spiritual preparations. Lack of confidence hindered them to succeed on the first take of the CPA board examination.