HomeLagumlalang: A Refereed Journal of Interdisciplinary Synthesisvol. 1 no. 1 (2011)

The Development of a Microcontroller-Based LED Dot Matrix Using The Zigbee Technology

Andy L. Dula | Alexander P. Profeta

Discipline: Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering



Zigbee Technology is a new wireless technology that focuses on home automation and wireless control for security or remote monitoring sensory. This technology was used to develop a new way of events promotion, scheduling, and meeting announcements for De La Salle Araneta University. The Zigbee technology was integrated into the dot matrix display to create a wireless device that would provide information for the entire DLSAU community. A computer is also integrated into the system since it transmits signals and sends communications to modify the scientific display.


This research project shows a remarkable distinction in terms of acceptability and familiarity for different professionals in the field of information technology.


De La Salle Araneta University was the model institution in this study since it has become the technological laboratory for innovation and improvement.