HomeLagumlalang: A Refereed Journal of Interdisciplinary Synthesisvol. 1 no. 1 (2011)

Poverty: A Critical Impact of Climate Change in the Coastal Areas of Navotas City

Dane Agatha Lorica | Glenn S. Banaguas

Discipline: Nature, Ecology



The Philippine archipelago, which is regarded as the fifth nation with the longest coastline, is a climate "hotspot". The country's geographic bases contribute to the vulnerability of its populace's lives and livelihood to climate change's adverse manifestations. The Philippine coastal areas are likely to be desolated by the impacts of sea level rise and inauspicious phenomena brought by the exacerbated environmental condition. This study aims to review climate change impacts on the Philippine coastal communities, which can possibly and critically give rise to poverty and other socio-economic related troubles. Essential tools in determining the susceptibility of the areas surrounding the Navotas Fish port Complex, the archetypal subject of this study, and diminution of risks the community and ecosystem has to endure such as flood mapping and vulnerability and risk assessment will be used in this study. The optimal values of risk will be determined in terms of hazard (tropical cyclone), exposure (population) and vulnerability (human development index).

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