HomeSulo: International Refereed Journal of Multidisciplinary Sciencesvol. 6 no. 1 (2011)

Levels of Depression, Anxiety, and Aggression of Women Substance Abusers (WSA): A Basis for a Rehabilitation Program

Rosario T. Chu

Discipline: Psychology, Social Science



This study analyzed the relationship among anxiety, depression, and anger (or ADA) of Filipinas with substance addiction. Further, it also seeks to investigate a preliminary trial of an intervention program that gears towards resolving these conflicts. In Study 1, a descriptive correlation research design was conducted in sample of 100 participants in order to test the relationship of the three constructs. Study 2 is a pre-experimental research design to test preliminarily the efficacy of an intervention program in a sample of 15 participants geared towards addressing ADA among female substance abusers. At the correlation level, findings revealed that the level of depression, anxiety and anger among respondents are positively significant with each other supporting the construct relation of ADA (Fernandez & Kerns, 2008). Interestingly, after controlling for the family structure, analysis revealed the non-significant relation between aggression and depression. Contrary to common notions that intact families are normal and functional families, the result revealed that women substance abusers’ intact family maybe a source of dysfunction and disruption. However, only anxiety and depression were shown to be decrease after employing the treatment. Implication of the findings is discussed in addressing issues on substance abuse intervention among women.