HomeIAMURE International Journal of Ecology and Conservationvol. 20 no. 1 (2016)

Combining Ability Test of Sex-Linked (DMMMSU-SLB) Silkworm Pureline

Julieta P. Abuan | Gemma E. Supsup | Marlyn M. Viduya | Marybel L. Sanchez | Maricris E. Ulat



The ultimate results in silkworm breeding are judged by the superiority of the commercial characters of the parents that appear in the F1 hybrids. The aim of this study is to select superior sex-linked silkworm hybrids utilizing the six bivoltine silkworm purelines (DMMMSU 108, DMMMSU109, DMMMSU110, DMMMSU111, DMMMSU113, and DMMMSU 119) cross with the newly evolved Sex-linked silkworm pureline (DMMMSU SLB) were used in the preparation of hybrids. Te rearing performance of the different hybrid combinations was evaluated based on effective rearing rate, single cocoon weight, cocoon shell percentage and cocoon yield per box and the data gathered were subjected to combining ability test and multiple trait evaluation indices. Results revealed that DMMMSU-SLB H004, DMMMSU-SLB H006 and DMMMSUSLB H010 were short listed as the most promising sex-linked silkworm hybrids. Thus, these hybrids are potential for commercial cocoon production