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Ma Lorna A. Ignacio | Elizabeth V. Bantique | Teresita SM Dela Pena



The Nursing Licensure Examination (NLE) review classes are offered to nursing graduates to serve as a refresher course of the accumulated knowledge from the major subjects in the nurse’s undergraduate curriculum. It has been theorized that the graduate’s performance in the mock board nursing examination (the simulation of the actual NLE), generally taken after the NLE review classes, and their general weighted average (GWA) upon graduation, could form a reliable basis for predicting the student’s performance in the NLE. It is this correlation that this research looked into. The researchers utilized a descriptive correlational research design, where the results of the mock board examination and the GWA of the graduates were correlated with their actual performance in the NLE. The respondents of the study constituted Batch 2014 of BSN graduates who completed the requirements for the NLE and had taken the mock board examination. The required basic research data for the study were collected from the records of the College of Nursing of the Baliuag University. The results revealed that there was a significant correlation between the student’s GWA obtained in college and their performance in the NLE. The results of the mock board examination also turned out to be useful in predicting the graduates’ performance in the actual NLE. The findings of the study provided the basis for the recommendation of the researchers that the parents should encourage their children to exert more efforts in their undergraduate studies which will enable them to successfully hurdle the nursing licensure examinations. The faculty members, for their part, should not only motivate and guide their students to better prepare them for taking the NLE, but continue to provide them with quality education to adequately equip them to engage in the competitive practice of their profession. In more specific terms, the research revealedthat the students need to obtain a general weighted average of 2.25 and better in their academic courses, to ensure a higher chance of passing the NLE.