HomeIAMURE International Journal of Educationvol. 16 no. 1 (2015)

Rising from the Ashes: The Journey of Unmarried College Students Who Got Pregnant

Rogelio P. Bayod



Sexual adventurism among young people of today seemed to penetrate eventhe religiously and culturally conservative countries. Thus, it is not surprisingthat early pregnancy among college and university students becomes a growingissue worldwide. Things become complicated for students who got pregnantwhile studying because they will be forced to either temporarily or permanentlyquit from school. The study examined the transition experiences of eight Filipinosingle and unmarried college students who stopped from their schooling becauseof early pregnancy but chose to come back to finish their studies. Results revealed that early pregnancy was considered by the participants as a tragedy resulting innegative feelings and thoughts. Some participants thought of and even attemptedabortion. However, they did not succumb to their heartbreaking situations butdecided to rise and continue their drive towards the realization of their dreams.Their children and their loved ones as well their earnest desires to afford better future for their family with or without their partner’s support have motivatedthem to endure the difficulties during their comeback to school. As a result of this study, CorJesu College has formulated policy on student pregnancy and craftedstudent support program for pregnant students and students who are alreadymothers taking into account their concrete needs.