HomeIAMURE International Journal of Educationvol. 17 no. 1 (2016)

The Untold Pains and Dreams of Incarcerated Mothers

Rogelio P. Bayod | Ruschelle L. Cossid | Feralyn Venus Estrebello | Franzria Eda T. Ferriols | Queeny Jane H. Labani



Motherhood represents an integral part of human life. Mothers all over the world are primarily responsible for caring for their families despite little or the absence of help from their husbands. Using qualitative phenomenological approach, this study explored and examined incarcerated mothers’ experiences, struggles and coping mechanism as well as their dreams and aspirations. A validated interview guide questions were used in interviewing the participants. Results have shown that the incarcerated mothers considered their incarceration as a suffering with an accompanying feeling of regret. They are often unnoticed by the public at large, and their dreams seemed to be oblivious to many. Indeed, most of the incarcerated mothers had suffered a lot and shared a common reason of their loneliness which is the distance they have with their family especially with their children. However, like any human beings, they have dreams for a happy and fulfilling life. The implication of this study is for the local jail management to impose regulations and policies as well as programs to address the emotional needs of the incarcerated mothers. In addition, a deeper understanding of their experiences behind bars and respect in spite of their incarceration should be encouraged.