HomeIAMURE International Journal of Educationvol. 17 no. 1 (2016)

Disaster Preparedness in Aplaya Coastal Community, Digos City, Philippines

Rogelio P. Bayod | Daisy Mae Abawag | Jessa May Luardo | Jean Padlan | Jonathan Macias



When disasters happen, people are defenseless for disasters cannot be avoided nor predicted even in highly developed countries throughout the world. This study aimed to explore and determine the disaster preparedness of Aplaya, a coastal community in Digos City, Philippines. It focused only on their ways of preparing for disasters and the needs of enhancing their disaster preparedness. Using qualitative phenomenological research design, focus group discussion, and in-depth interviews were conducted with selected residents of the communities in Apalya, Digos City. Results revealed that their ways of preparing for disasters had been through alertness to the community alarm system, participation in drills, adherence to a warning of friends from upland areas and listening to a warning from Community officials. Moreover, the community needs the infrastructure support through the renovation of the dike, active participation of the community members and evacuation center within the community. The implication of this study is for government officials especially those that are in-charge of disaster preparedness and relief operation to look into the possibility of organizing communities for active participation during disaster preparedness and relief operation, for the academe to provide the expertise needed for disaster preparedness and for the community to utilize whatever traditional skills and practices that have employed which had been proven effective in preparing for disaster in the past.