HomeUNP Research Journalvol. 23 no. 1 (2014)

Mathematical Modeling of Road Accidents in Metro Manila

Willy S. Gayo | Jackie D. Urrutia | Lincoln A. Bautista | Edcon B. Baccay



Road accidents in the Philippines have been identified as one of the causes of deaths in the country. It is one of the top five causes of morbidity and mortality in South-East Asian countries. Its socioeconomic repercussions are matter of great concern. These accidents have been categorized by Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) as fatal, non-fatal and damage to property cases. This classification is based on the extent of damage to human lives and to the properties. The purpose of this study is to find out the contribution of other factors such as types of vehicles involved in the road accidents, days of the week in which the accident occurred and the location where the accident happened. Poisson regression was used to model the road accidents in Metro Manila by the help of Statistical Packages for Social Sciences (SPSS). The data were taken from the MMDA from 2008-2013. This study found out that accidents mostly occurred during Fridays at Quezon City and car is the most prone vehicle to road accident.