HomeUNP Research Journalvol. 23 no. 1 (2014)

Adaptation of the College of Education Students and Faculty Regarding Academic Calendar Shift

Silvia C. Ambag | Eleazar E. Gangat



This study used the descriptive method of research to determine the perceived adaptation of the students and faculty members of the College of Education, Polytechnic University of the Philippines regarding Academic Calendar Shift, School Year 2013-2014. The researcher used a semi sub-system paradigm that involved the input, process and output approach, with a five-point Likert Scale questionnaire to gather data on the perception of quota samples of both students and faculty. The survey was conducted on a room-to-room basis reaching a quota of 218 respondents subcategorized by the year level of the student respondents, and 11 of the faculty. The statistical tools used were frequency, percentage, and Pearson Correlation Test. Results show that the students’ overall assessment on the eight items for the concept of Academic Calendar Shift yielded a mean rating of 3.63 showing that they “Agree” in favor of the academic shift's advantages; the faculty's overall assessment for Academic Calendar Shift is 4.49 (mean rating) showing that they “Strongly Agree” with the benefits of academic shift; the students’ perception on academic shift in PUP context is 3.08 (mean rating) showing their “Neutrality” on the issue; the faculty response has an overall mean rating of 4.06 with regard to Academic Calendar Shift in PUP showing that they “Agee” to it; and there is a significant difference in the perception of the students and faculty with regard to the Academic Calendar Shift and to the Academic Calendar in PUP. PUP administrators should welcome the idea of academic calendar shift and propose a study of its possible recommendations.