HomeIAMURE International Journal of Educationvol. 18 no. 1 (2016)

Relationship between Psychological and Socio-Cultural Adaptation as Perceived by International Students of United Arab Emirates

Nino M. Decenorioa | Vangeline O. Erum | Edilberta A. Reyes



The research endeavors to shed light on the relationship between the psychological and socio-cultural adaptation of international students as perceived by students of UAE. Also, it aims to identify the segmentation of UAE-bound international students. The research design is quantitative and utilized a descriptive survey methodology to examine the relationships and differencebetween the variables. It employs input, process, output model to respond to the research objectives and hypothesis poses at the onset of the study. The input involves the demographic profile of international students which highlighted the continental grouping, market segmentation, and other variables. The process involves the utilization of survey questionnaires, the collection of data, statistical tools, statistical treatment, Likert scale, interpretation, and analysis. The output is the proposed student development program. The study revealed significant findings on Psychological and Socio-Cultural Adaption, Demographic Profile and Market Segmentation which provided a new breadth of contribution to the body of knowledge. Based on the results, recommendations in conjunction with conclusions are introduced to pave the way for a proposed student development program. A sound and a workable developmental program for the international students will ensure a smooth and a successful integration of students in the United Arab Emirates.