HomeQSU-CTE Journal of Educational Practices and Standardsvol. 2 no. 1 (2017)


Keyzer Lane D. Sanchez | Client William M. Malinao | Romiro G. Bautista



This study presents the perception of BSBA graduates who underwent the University Research Writing on the usefulness of research to their current job. The descriptive-comparative and correlational research design was employed that aimed to gather data on the causation of the factors that affects the perception of the students in writing research paper. The respondents of the study were the 50 BSBA graduates who underwent the Research Program during their college years. They were grouped according to their sex and employment position. A self-made questionnaire that underwent validation process was used: Expert pooling, Refinement, Field-test and Final Refinement. Frequency counts, mean, t-test, and ANOVA were used through SPSS. Findings revealed that undertaking a research program is very useful to the career of both the female and male respondents who are already employed; there is a significant difference on the perceived usefulness of undertaking research program when grouped according to sex and employment position; although female holds a better perception towards the effectiveness of undertaking research program, both female and male respondents had a very good perception on the effectiveness of undertaking research program which are good implications that research will help them to develop skills that are needed in the workplace to become an effective employee; there is no significant difference on the degree of effectiveness when grouped according to sex and employment position; employment position is not related to the usefulness and effectiveness of undertaking research program on their current employment. However, sex is much related to the usefulness of research but not with its effectiveness in their current employment; and research writing was a very important factor in the development of the respondents’ skills that are very useful in their workplace. Hence, it is really a key contributor to their success in their chosen careers.