HomeAsian Journal of Healthvol. 2 no. 1 (2012)

The Landscape of Health Researches in Ilocos Region, Philippines

Edelyn A. Cadorna | Erwin F. Cadorna

Discipline: Health, Genetic Engineering, Medicine



The content and methods of research adopted reflect the expertise of researchers and the capability of academic programs. This study analyzed the health researches conducted in the Ilocos Region and focused on quantity and quality. The descriptive research design was utilized in the study. The respondents were the health researchers in Ilocos Region. The data were gathered through the use of a questionnaire and supplemented by documentary analysis and interviews. The quality of the researches was evaluated by the researchers themselves and then validated by two research experts. Results showed that there were 241 health researchers and 248 health researches conducted in the region. The health researches conducted in the hospitals were mostly clinical, while those conducted in the academic institutions were theses and dissertations. Majority of the researches were conducted by individual authors and personally funded and mainly focused on local concerns. Most of the researches were published in research and scientific journals, disseminated through forums, conferences, research display and exhibits, but they were not actually utilized. In general, the health researches conducted in the region had average quality. The study concluded that researches were moderately relevant and responsive, highly effective, highly scientific, highly transferable, but slightly disseminated. Furthermore, the personal and professional variables of the respondents contributed significantly to the quantity and quality of the health researches conducted.