HomeAsian Journal of Business and Governancevol. 2 no. 1 (2012)

Community Adoption on Research-Based Technologies of the University of Northern Philippines

Manuel A. Bajet Jr. | Nelson A. Bajet | Joussie Bajet Bermio | Crizzle A. Bajet-paz

Discipline: Community Development



Research-based technologies were designed and extended to several communities in the province of Ilocos Sur, for utilization and technology transfer to farmer co-operators. Most of the technologies generated especially on machines were geared towards the advocacy on organic farming. Also, there is a strong support of the university in the implementation of R.A.100681 an act providing development and promotion of organic agriculture in the Philippines. Technology transfer was facilitated to several communities in the province of Ilocos Sur. A total of 325 farmers benefited and adopted the technologies. Organic fertilizers produced by farmers were utilized in their respective farms and another source of livelihood to some where they go into mass production of organic fertilizers and were sold in local market. Further, the adoption of technologies by farmers gained strong support from Local Government Units (LGU) from the provincial level to village level, the Provincial Agriculture Office, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and non-government organizations. The utilization of research-based technologies generally helped farmers in improving their productivity in yield and in income. Also, there is an effort towards the protection of the environment and reviving soil fertility.