HomeInterdisciplinary Research Journalvol. 4 no. 1 (2016)

Students’ Satisfaction of the Quality of Education, Academic Experience and Support Services in a Philippine Private University

Liza Lorena Jala | Efren Caballes | Marcos Oyao | Carmen Villarante | Aurora Miro | Geraldine Olmillo



Student satisfaction has been considered an important factor in measuring the quality of learning approach and a key factor in the success  of learning programs. With ASEAN integration and the growing variation of educational options, students seek institutions that will provide a unique educational experience that will prepare him/her for a successful career and gainful employment. Thus, it is the utmost goal of institutions to satisfy their students in the areas of the quality of education provided for them, on the academic experience they have had and in the student support services. The main purpose of this study is to investigate the general students’ level of satisfaction on the different services provided to them, which in turn provide instructors, administrators, and other support offices the needed approach and strategies to increase satisfaction. Overall, students were satisfied with the quality of education provided by the private university as well as their current academic experiences and the support services although there were colleges which specifically expressed dissatisfaction on some areas such as the quality of classroom and laboratories, the internet connectivity, and on the opportunity of hearing speakers enhance their learning. The outcomes revealed that a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) be done so that the causes of dissatisfaction can be acted upon immediately.