HomeComputer Issuesvol. 28 no. 1 (1994)

Signature Pattern Recognition

Alfred Angelo Aparte | Carlo Cuento | Paul Roderick Lopez | Mary Anne Papa | Kai Shan Lim

Discipline: Information Technology, Technology, Computer Technology



he Signature Pattern Recognition (SPR) System determines percentages of similarity in compared signatures, and checks the validity of the signature based on a predetermined decision result. In the comparison of signatures, qualities and distinctive characteristics of signatures were used as basis/or the detection of similarity.These include the overall form, the baseline pattern, and the spacing between letters and words. Error tolerance was set based on the assumptions that no two signatures are exactly the same and a signature scanned twice will never yield the same image due to the human factor and the input device used. The decision results were based on surveys which determine a pattern of percentage on signatures made by the same person and those forged.