HomeSUKIMATvol. 3 no. 1 (2017)

Correlation between technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge (TPACK) and its components among in-service Mathematics Educators

Victor V. Hafalla Jr., Ree, Maas



The study aimed to determine the in-service Mathematics educators’ extent of knowledge on TPACK and its components and find the degree of correlation among the TPACK and its components. The study is a descriptive-quantitative research in nature using a survey questionnaire administered to 36 respondents representing 67.92% of the targeted sample as identified by their respective deans and school heads. Results indicated that the respondents have “quite complete knowledge” (QK) in technology, content and pedagogy (TK, CK, PK) and in integrating their pedagogy, technology, and content knowledge (TPK, TCK, PCK, TPACK). However, subsequent analysis revealed that the respondents have low scores in content knowledge (CK) as compared to the other knowledge components. Specifically, they have low scores in “solving a technical problem with a computer”, “following recent computer technologies”, and “applying different learning theories and approaches”, implying that most of the respondents are still “traditional” in their methods of teaching Mathematics. Correlation analysis revealed significant positive correlation at the 0.01 level among the different components of TPACK suggesting a holistic approach in studying the phenomena and in developing strategies for teaching training.