HomeThe Trinitian Researchervol. 5 no. 1 (2013)

Experiences of OFW Children Studying at Trinity University of Asia: Perspective-Referenced-Based-Framework for Program Enrichment

Juliet K. Bucoy | Elena R. Catalo | Milagros T. Gutierrez | Wilhelmina Q. Tomas

Discipline: Health



This research is centered on the experiences of sixteen (16) children of Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) studying at Trinity University of Asia. Phenomenological approach was utilized in determining the essence of the experiences of OFW children resulting to six shared themes drawn from the connection and interlace of the individual themes; namely, Separation is a Difficult Process, Parental Love by “Proxy”, Life is a Kaleidoscope, Pain Management, Chasing Growth and Maturity, and Cry for Support. This study revolved around the OFW children’s narratives that voiced out the cry for a felt need which they could not express in words nor articulate in a manner one can understand. The children claimed that they were able to survive without their parents. They were able to cope emotionally and physically and accepted that their situation is an inevitable reality; still, there exists a need aggravating their being which has to be satisfied. The shared stories informed the readers that there is a sense of inadequacy; there is a missing element which has been torn or broken which the children felt has to be satisfied.

The OFW children never blamed their parents; they assumed the responsibility of fulfilling their basic needs to survive and understand the reasons why they have to do so. The process of being “parents” to themselves has left a parcel of emptiness in their being. The results of the study led to the crafting of the Perspective-Reference-Based-Framework for Program Enrichment for OFW children. The ultimate intention of the framework is to serve as guiding path that shall best fit OFW children with grateful depth of courage and reason on how they can understand better the situation surrounding them.