HomeInternational Journal on Social Innovation & Researchvol. 8 no. 1 (2017)

A Phenomenological Investigation of Mindfulness Meditation on The Leader Development of an Adopted Community Development Site [ A Case Study on Barangay 86 District 2 Caloocan City]

Maria Gwenetha Ybanez Pusta



The study aims to investigate the impact of mindfulness meditation among 20 local organizational leaders using in-depth, open ended interviews illuminating the central research question: How do leaders perceive and describe their experiences of the impact of mindfulness meditation on their development as leaders? The modified Stevick-Colaizzi-Keen method of phenomenological data analysis was adopted. The findings of the study affirm growing body of literature on the potential of mindfulness meditation especially on the themes of greater self-regulation and self-awareness that can make a positive impact in many organizations. In turn, although beyond the boundaries of this study, transformed organizations have the potential to transform societies and the world at large.