HomeAsian Journal of Business and Governancevol. 1 no. 1 (2011)

Human Resource Practices and its Influence on Pre-Attrition among Independent Electric Companies.

Dulce Corazon D. Esperon

Discipline: Psychology, Humanities



The study establishes the influence of Human Resource Management practices on the organizational commitment, perceived organizational support,psychological contracts and pre-attrition of employees. The results reveal that the majority of the employees in the two companies strongly expressed no intention of leaving the organization. Working conditions and performance appraisals were favorably rated followed by staffing, recruitment/hiring, equal employment opportunity, information sharing, training, reward and benefits. They too expressed a high degree of agreement to the fulfillment of psychological contracts, validating the finding that the expected obligations of the company were met and that the employees were satisfied. Organizational support and rewards were the foremost predictors of pre-attrition. Of the nine Human Resource Management practices taken in combination, rewards, staffing, training and performance appraisal were the best joint predictors 65 of pre-attrition. Employees consider Human Resource Management practices as organizational support. When the organization uses its Human Resource Management practices to enhance employees’ performance to reward employees’ performance, and to display its commitment and support for employees, the organization is perceived to be committed and supportive of its employees;which, in turn,makes employees more committed to the organization and make them want to stay.