HomeARETEvol. 3 no. 1 (2015)

Psychological Preparedness and Coping Mechanisms of Residents in the Flood-Prone Area Jade Valley, Davao City

James Emmanuel Calma | Maila Faye Castro | Jasminda Diputado | Mary Rose Chavez



Flood is one of the raging natural disasters nowadays. Therefore, this research sought to investigate the psychological preparedness and coping mechanisms of residents in the flood-prone area of Jade Valley, Davao City. This study aimed to measure knowledge, identify the level of preparedness, determine their coping mechanisms and find out whether there is a significant relationship between the respondents’ psychological preparedness and their coping mechanisms. This research employed the descriptive-correlation method. The respondents of this research were 100 residents of Jade Valley Subdivision chosen through purposive sampling. There were two survey questionnaires used in this study which were validated by four experts: three in the field of psychology and another for the translation in Tagalog. Cronbach Alpha Coefficients are .719 for the questionnaire component on Decision making and Anticipation and .885 for the Coping Strategies Inventory component. The results on psychological preparedness revealed that the respondents are knowledgeable, prepared in anticipating and equally prepared in decision-making. The respondents mainly have a problem-focused coping mechanism than emotion-focused. The study found a significant relationship between psychological preparedness and coping mechanisms.