HomeARETEvol. 3 no. 1 (2015)

Values Literacy and Patronage of Pupils on Prosocial Television Content

Rushiel Abogado | Jessa Antonette Lumangtad | Jade Maligaya | Marie Angeli Yap | Virgilind Palarca



Television plays a crucial role in determining a child’s logical and moral development. With the advent of violence in the media diet, parents invest in television shows that will not only aid the child’s learning process, but also develops the child’s attitudes and values. This research sought to assess the efficacy of demographic profiles specifically sex, language spoken at home and section of the respondents that influence the literacy and patronage of grade school pupils on pro social themed television shows. This quasi-experimental study involved 118 Grade IV pupils from four sections of the University of the Immaculate Conception Grade School, consisting of 62 females and 52 males. Results of the study showed no significant relationship on the levels of values literacy and patronage of the students when grouped by sex, section and by language spoken at home. Moreover, the four sections differed in their level of patronage.