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Healthy Drinks Preference of University Students in a Diet Program

Regen Alfonso | Jackrey Capidtoan | Aubrey Compra | Hanna Joyce De Ocampo | Honegen Panganiban | Erica Jan Rodriguez | Demie Torrenueva | Daniel Lawrence Yap



Today’s generation has been making impact in the lives of many. One drastic change this generation brought into the plate is their preference of healthy drinks. Evidently, the individuals of generations y and Z have become less interested in physical activities hence susceptible to excessive weight gain. With this situation becoming more apparent, business opportunities to address this health concern arose. Various health supplements, drinks, medicines and the like are sold on the market addressing these needs. This study hence gathered relevant data from students of the biggest universities in Davao City aiming to know the benefits and nutrition these students get when availing health drinks and how these could help a diet program. Further, with this research, it is hoped that students would be encouraged to observe a healthy eating lifestyle so they would not experience health complications in the future.