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The Perception of Customers on the Different Brands of Toothpaste

Bryan Gabriel Concepcion | Jhun Mhar Vergara | Levi Esmalla | Jules Panuayan | Adrian Alibango | Jayson Villarte | Kirk Jasper Villarreiz | Presentacion Acosta



The researchers conducted a research entitled “The Perception of Customers on the Different Brands of Toothpaste.” It talks about toothpaste brands and their rank in terms of sales here in the Philippines. The leading brand of the toothpaste here in the Philippines is Colgate. Based on the ranking of sales in the market the researchers selected three brands of toothpaste that are on the fifth to tenth rank in terms of sales and the researchers named this brands as product A,B, and C. The study or survey was conducted using FGD or focus group discussion to know what are the reasons why these three brands tend to have low sales or less preferred by toothpaste users. The study focused on the attributes: features, functions, and benefits of toothpaste that the customers wants and expect to have. When a person chooses a certain brand of toothpaste, he/she always looks for a brand which has fluoride protection, long lasting fresh breath, and its effectiveness in cleaning our teeth. Colgate has dominated the market for many years. It has always been named as the number one brand. For other brands to compete with Colgate, they must offer variety of flavors and lower price. Another is to offer a product which the customers can experience long lasting freshness with a mint, cool experience. If other products offer benefits like anti cavity, which protects our teeth from bacteria build up and providing protection from common oral health problems, it could help them improve their marketability and customer preference.