HomePULSARvol. 3 no. 1 (2014)


Jann Francis A. Barcibal | Diane J. Orejudos | Carl Christopher B. Taer | Neil C. Capricho



This study aimed to create an intelligent faculty room that automatically locks the door if unattended. Only faculty members are allowed to open the door. Also, the device features the capability of displaying the faculty members who are inside the room. Pigeon boxes automatically signals if there are papers and other requirements submitted by students. The features of the study include: Radio frequency Identification (RFID) tags blocking of light and text message serve as input of the device. Both are processed in a specialized circuitry to produce results of lock and unlock door mechanism as well as the LED matrix display and the reply of the GSM. This study employed a two-phase method: experimental development and descriptive method. The findings of the study revealed that the features enumerated above were strongly agreed by the evaluators. It satisfied, attained its purpose and specifications, and worked properly. Recommendations were given in order to further attain the effectivity of the system, the LEDs matrices were given the more recommendations.