HomeProgressio Journal on Human Developmentvol. 8 no. 1 (2014)

Bangsamoro Peace Framework Agreement and Basic Law as Perceived by the People in Northern Mindanao

Edwin C. Du | Cezar Z. Gamba | Sircio C. Chan | Rhea Rose L. Cagas



The foremost question asked by the Filipino people is whether there will be lasting peace in Mindanao in the context of the peace agreement between the Bangsamoro and the Philippine Government. The war in Mindanao has been examined in many ways, but, until today, both community and regional conflicts linger. The number of internal displacement is high. The threat of terrorism by the so-called international terrorists has added to the complexity of the existing conflict. There is indeed a dire need to pursue a peace agreement to end this long protracted conflict. An integral part of the pursuit is determining people’s perception of the value of the Bangsamoro Framework Agreement and the Bangsamoro Basic Law. It is important to ask the affected constituents about their understanding of the peace agreement. Several peace initiatives have been forged including a memorandum of agreement between the Bangsamoro and the Government, which failed to consummate a lasting peace settlement. Whenever peace agreements fail the people in various communities are the most affected. For any peace initiative to prosper, the support of the citizenry is imperative.