HomeUIC Research Journalvol. 20 no. 1 (2014)


Emma V. Sagarino | Orlando B. Rubi



Networking is a marketing method which a company taps agents to reach potential customers that could not be contacted by traditional online or offline marketing methods. Being an agent in this kind of marketing endeavor can be challenging. It is evident that many college students have become networkers of various distribution companies in Davao City. Considering that schooling is always demanding and that the students are in a dilemma as to which activities should be prioritized, the researchers were prompted to explore the experiences of college students as networkers. In particular, the study focused on the marketing mix the entrepreneurial students utilized to attain their objectives vis-à-vis the motivation and the difficulties they encountered. The 12 study participants were identified through snowball sampling. In-depth interviews were conducted and recorded interview results were transcribed, categorized, and themes were identified through the emergent approach. Findings of the study revealed that the commodities, which were typically marketed by networkers through direct selling included nutraceutical such as dietary supplements, and herbal products. Networkers attributed their success to the sufficient and appropriate trainings and workshops they participated, observance of favorable business practices, the highly motivated team they belong to, the effectiveness of product they endorse and the appropriate integrated marketing communication they utilized. Difficulties encountered affected their academic and health status.