HomeUIC Research Journalvol. 19 no. 1 (2013)

Level of Aviation Noise: Their Effects on the Inhabitants near Francisco Bangoy International Airport

Aylmer Ronnel L. Sombilla | Aaron Paul R. Paciente | Cristy Marie C. Masalta | Carlwen Jave J. Pausta | Manuel Rey C. Villanueva



Recognizing the need to assess the impact of noise pollution in vulnerable locations such as the subdivisions in close proximity to the airport, the researchers conducted a survey to characterize how aircraft noise affects the everyday lives of the residents within the perimeter of Francisco Bangoy International Airport of Davao City. Specifically, the investigation determined the levels of aviation noise intensities in dB(A) in four subdivisions surrounding the airport. Moreover, the degrees of effect as regards disturbance of resting time, health, communication, mood, and need for noise abatement of the respondents in the places were also measured. The digital sound level meter was used to measure the aviation noise intensities while a validated researcher made questionnaire was utilized to collect data to characterize many aspects of aviation noise effects. Four hundred respondents were randomly chosen from the identified subdivisions. Chi-square test was used to establish the degree of association between the level of aviation noise and its effect. Findings revealed that the noise levels are within 40-60 dB (A) for relatively distant places and 90-110 dB (A) in areas very near the airport. Many aspects of aviation noise have affected the lives of the inhabitants. There was a significant association between the level of aviation noise and the extent of its effect.