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Exploring the Views of Filipino Teachers on the Dimensions of Academic Quality: In Search of a Valid and Reliable Scale

Mark Gennesis B. Dela Cerna



This study examined the views of Filipino teachers on the dimensions of academic quality. More specifically, it aimed to construct, develop, and evaluate the academic quality scale as viewed by the faculty. In the qualitative phase, seven teachers participated in the in-depth interview. There were three themes that emerged from the interview that put emphasis on community exposure, faculty competence, and quality assurance mechanism. A 24-item academic quality scale was also constructed based from the results of the interview, which was subjected to quantitative survey. In the quantitative phase, out from 400 questionnaire responses, the 200 were analyzed for exploratory factor analysis and the other 200 were analyzed for confirmatory factor analysis. Results showed three underlying dimensions of academic quality which aligned to the themes presented in the qualitative components. These were community, faculty, and quality assurance. The derived three factor model of academic quality scale exhibited parsimonious fit as all model fit values had successfully met the criteria set by fit indices. The overall reliability showed high which indicated that the tool has good internal consistency.