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MASTER IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Marketing Strategies of Tertiary Educational Institutions and Selected Inventory of Secondary School Students

Ma. Rosario A. Casibang



The research determined the relationship between marketing strategies and college selection inventory. The study used the descriptive-correlational research design. The respondents were the 435 grade 12 senior high school students who were chosen through stratified random sampling. Statistical tools used in this study were mean, standard deviation, Pearson product moment correlation and regression analysis. Results showed that the marketing strategies were extensively experienced and known by the respondents. The four factors - academic, social, personal, and financial were considered by the respondents when they would select the school for their tertiary education. The financial issues came up to be the primary consideration. Each of the domains of marketing strategies was significantly correlated with college selection. Moreover, each of these domains on their own capacity could significantly predict college selection. As a model, 49% of the variation of college selection could be attributed to variation of the combined variation of advertising, HEI representative and campus visit/tour.