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Teacher Competence in Relation to Mathematical Skills of Grade 10 Public High School Students in Davao City

Annie Rose L. Bajenting



This research endeavor aimed to determine the relationship between teacher competence and mathematical skills of Grade 10 students from different public schools in Davao City. Teacher competence contained teaching techniques, communication skills, classroom management, and deportment and personality, whereas mathematical skills comprised computational skill, and problem solving skill. There were 200 student-respondents in this study. This quantitative study employed descriptive correlation design. The statistical tools used were mean, standard deviation and Pearson r. The results revealed that the level of teacher competence was high while the level of students’ mathematical skills was low. Moreover, the significant relationship was established signifying that the mathematical skills of Grade 10 students were dependent on the teacher competence. As teacher’s level of teaching competence increases, there was a greater likelihood or chances that students’ level of mathematical skills would increase or vice versa.