HomeARETEvol. 4 no. 1 (2016)

A Corpus-based Approach on Variation and Aspectual Interpretation of Surigaonon Verb Phrases

Nilo Marco Demerey | Danilo G. Baradillo

Discipline: Literature, English, Communication Arts



Verb and Times always go hand in hand and every student had the opportunity to study this, however language students go deeper to an understanding to verbs and its relation to time. This linguistic study made use of the corpus based approach which is useful in examining the definite designs and creates an extensive use of computers for analysis, using both programmed and collaborative techniques of use in regular texts and the study analysis of the common conversation of the Surigaonon language focusing on its verb phrases. It further categorize the verb phrases using the theory of Zeno Vendler’s aspectual classification. The study identified the verb phrases and its classification: how is it classified, what were the keywords present in the Language that classified it’s verb phrases to its respective classification, it also considered the aspectual interpretation in classifying it’s classification. The corpora also contained a unique feature which is the presence of expletives in translation from the Surigaonon word “Jaoy” to the English word “there” which was not present in the theory of Vendler in the aspectual classification of verb phrases. The study made use of the software Antconc to determine the common clusters of the corpora. It was found that the most common cluster is “kini nga” which is the equivalent of “it is” in English. The study further identified the association of the Surigaonon language to other Visayan and Mindanao-an language in connection to its aspectual interpretation. It was found that there is no significant change in the connection of aspectual interpretation of Surigaonon to the other languages mentioned. In categorizing the verb phrases to its aspectual classification the theory of Vendler helped a lot in the matter. It was found out that each classification gives specific keywords that helped in categorizing the verb phrases.