HomeARETEvol. 4 no. 1 (2016)

Level of Reading Comprehension of the Education Students

Mica Elaine M Bilbao | Connie Lizetthe S Donguila | Ma. Juliet G. Vasay

Discipline: Education



Reading comprehension is one of the reading competencies that every student has to develop. However, there are still students who are below the proficiency level of reading comprehension despite the reading instructions and strategies provided by the teachers for the improvement of students’ reading comprehension. This quantitative study employed the descriptive comparative research design. It aimed to profile the level of reading comprehension of the 124 Education students enrolled during the first semester of the academic year 2017-2018 in one of the catholic universities in Davao City. A validated adapted-but-modified test questionnaire was used to determine the level of reading comprehension of the Education students. Moreover, it sought to determine the significant difference in the level of reading comprehension of the students when analyzed according to sex and year level. The mean, t-test, and standard deviation were the statistical tools used in this study. The results of the gathered data revealed that the overall reading comprehension of the Education students is Satisfactory with a descriptive level of Moderate. This means that the students can understand difficult reading texts under literal, interpretive, evaluative, and creative levels with less supervision. Consequently, the respondents’ year level bear a significant difference when grouped accordingly. However, when grouped according to sex, the results show that it did not establish any significant difference.