HomeIAMURE International Journal of Social Sciencesvol. 14 no. 1 (2015)

Level of Awareness of Alcohol and Drug Abuse and their Grade on the Subject of Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Abuse (PADAMS) in the Maritime Sector

Benita R. Padayhag | Roel D. Taroc | Hermilita L. Paculba | Samuel M. Daug | Gilbert P. Sumalpong | Margarito S. Sugabo

Discipline: Health



This study was determined about their course, age, sex, marital status, average family monthly income, membership in fraternity or sorority, family background, and living arrangements while studying at Siquijor State College. More respondents are males, single, in the age bracket of above 20 years old and living below poverty line. The majority is not members of sorority/fraternity; living with their families where they travel to school every day, and they have complete parents. They are very much aware of the effects of drugs on their jobs and of the shipping companies’ drug policy. Moreover, they are also much aware of the general, safety, and legal implications of alcohol and drug abuse in the maritime sector. Their profiles do not affect the awareness level on PADAMS and with their grades in the subject. Between grades and the awareness level on PADAMS, the positive correlation is weak. Every move that should be undertaken by the administration of Siquijor State College-Maritime Education Program should be geared towards the development of the students particularly in the continuous education, information and campaign against drug abuse.