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Demystifying Unusual Parenthood: Gay and Lesbian in Focus

Marie Chris O Donzal | Rivah O Navales | Karol Botes D Relampagos | Klim Andrew Z Yusi | Maribeth Q. Galindo

Discipline: Psychology



This phenomenological study sought to describe and know the experiences of gay and lesbian parents and to generate insights from their lived experiences. This study employed a qualitative research design, specifically the phenomenological approach. Snowball sampling was utilized in order to identify three gays and three lesbian parents. All of the participants are residents of Davao City. The researchers used guide questions which was validated by the experts before it was formally used in the data gathering. The result of this study found that just like ordinary parents, gay and lesbian parents face common challenges in parenting like raising children, providing food and money etc. One of the values that the gay and lesbian parents develop as they raise their children is the value of acceptance. Also, Gay and lesbian parents prove to themselves and to the society that they can be a good parent to their children. Thus, parenting goes beyond gender.