HomeInterdisciplinary Research Journalvol. 5 no. 1 (2017)

Where are the Custom Administration Graduates of the University of Cebu?

Alejandro A Carin | Crisaldo S Borgonia | Jonathan O. Etcuban | Claudine Fel C Lauros | Cerila D Cadiz | Ma. Flobe G Tabora | Rosadelma P Villacastin

Discipline: Social Science



Employability alludes to the ability to pick up business, being equipped for getting and continuing satisfying work. It relies upon the information, attitudes, and demeanor an individuals have and how they utilize those advantages and present them to bosses and the setting inside which they looked for work. The study traced the University of Cebu Customs and Administration graduates of the academic year 2005 to 2010. It determined the profile of the respondents like gender, civil status, region of origin and present address. It also identified the reasons for taking the course and those that were able to land a job related to the degree obtained in college. Furthermore, it described the academic competencies learned in college that was utilized in the present job. A descriptive design was used using the standardized tool of the Commission on Higher Education Department for tracer studies. Findings showed that most of the respondents are male, single and are from Region VII, Central Philippines. Most of them considered taking the course as an avenue for immediate employment followed by the influence of parents and relatives. Human relationship and communication skills are the competencies learned in College that they perceived to be useful in their job. The Customs Administration graduates for the academic year 2005-2010 landed on the job that is related to their course in College. A follow-up graduate tracer study should be made to determine the employability of the graduates; to enhance further the aspect of competencies they learned in College, which is instrumental in their acceptance of their job.