HomeAni: Letran Calamba Research Reportvol. 1 no. 1 (2011)

PERL – Intelligent Tutoring System

Paul Rainier D. Acuña | Katreen Mei S. Naredo | Catherine Joy B. Pua

Discipline: Computer Science



This study aimed to develop a tutoring system that tackled only the basics of PERL programming language and its history, basic Input/Output (I/O), different conditional statements, different iterative statements, arrays, and data structures.


Before the user could access the system, he/she would need to register an account. The user could re-open this every time he/she wishes to. Upon re-logging, the user would be headed to the last chapter he/she is at before logging out. Examinations would be provided after each chapter to test the knowledge and learning of the user. Questions are in the multiple choice type of test. The last exam would be a debugging type regarding the syntax of PERL. The system would not allow the user to proceed to the next chapter unless he/she passed the examination provided for each chapter. To adapt to the learning capacity of the user, tips would be displayed on the exam questions if he/she failed in the previous exams.


This system would run on Windows XP and above operating systems. Shockwave Flash must be installed in the system to be able to play the tutorials. Strawberry PERL that works in Windows can be used to test a program in PERL. To be able to meet up the system requirements, the aforementioned installers were already included in the system package.