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Categories of Chief Complaints in Filipino among Neurology Patients: Towards Improving Patient-Practitioner Communication

Grace O. Orteza

Discipline: Psychology, Health



The purpose of this study is to evolve a system of categorization of chief complaints in Filipino referable to neurological problems. The study is exploratory in nature, using the survey method. Data were gathered through personal open-ended, structured interviews. Sampling was purposive and included new cases referred to Neurology in PGH and the investigator’s private clinic. Multiple responses from a total of 101 out-patients for the period June 1993 - December 1995 were subjected to qualitative data analysis, specifically, content analysis by a group of experts. The resulting system of categorization is presented in the paper. The major categories are diseased state, and change from a previous state. The sub-categories of change include: pakiramdam, kilos, ugali, kapasidad, at anyo. Subcategories are qualified according to part of body affected, frequency and time of occurrence, and nature of onset of change.