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Two Versions of “Ang Dapat Mabatid ng mga Tagalog”

Paul Arvisu Dumol



The essay “Ang dapat mabatid ng mga tagalog” by Andres Bonifacio as this appears in anthologies of his worksis not what appeared in the only issue of Kalayaan, the newspaper of the Katipunan. This is obvious from a comparison of Bonifacio’s essay with the Spanish translation of the essay as published in Kalayaan. A detailed comparison of the two versions reveals that the piece published in Kalayaan is an edited version with many additions of words and phrases and some alterations of the text. An examination of the revisions suggests three reasons for them: (a) rhetorical, (b) to make the piece more specific, and (c) to introduce Rizalian themes. The editor may have been Emilio Jacinto.