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Gerrie Mae A Fullero | Ma. Cristina C Miranda | Maria Elena Santos

Discipline: Psychology



This phenomenological study explored the Quality World of the elderlies living inside an institution called institutionalized elderlies. In Choice Theory, Quality World is part of the Perceived World and it is described as "personal picture album" of all the people, things, ideas, and ideals that individuals have discovered increase the quality of their lives, to fulfill a person’s needs. Basic Human Needs are the general motivation for all behavior of human, the Quality World is the specific motivation. The Basic Human Needs describe what people need, the Quality World pictures detail how people meet those needs. Seven institutionalized elderlies were purposively recruited. Interview proceedings and interpretation of drawings were tape-recorded and were later on transcribed. Transcribed data was categorized and thematised into four thematic levels of the institutionalized elderlies Quality World. Findings of this study will be helpful in giving valuable inputs in the psychological utility of elderly’s needs and wants using the lens of Choice Theory. Also, for the care providers and health professionals in the institution in providing a better assistance for the institutionalized elderlies.